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Energy therapy by the healer from Graz

“I follow the concept of the several thousand year old religious tradition of Buddhism and live according to their values. Considering of healing I don’t believe in FAITH. I have to reconcile healing with the tangible materialistic world. That’s the difference between a professional healer and a swindler. I measure successful healings after valid confirmed medical results” – tells Csaba Zsemlye.

Nowadays that kind of gift is known as paranormal phenomenon and can’t be learned. Although science, physics, and human logic have no explanation for it, this ability exists. If you control it with appropriate methods, it brings amazing results in the field of healing.

“This is no hocus-pocus – the miracles are within ourselves. We have to discover them. It is only in the superficiality of society that one does not notice this. Most people putting problems on top of the pyramid, which are only getting smaller before life puts another bigger problem on top. We have to understand the coherences and have to be thankful for all what we all have been given.”

Csaba Zsemlye

The healer

Csaba Zsemlye

Energetic Therapist:
“Extrapsychology, Parapsychology, Spiritual Healing.”


Krisztina Zsemmlyene Kontra